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Back in the 1960's, I was exposed to Jeeping when my friends dad bought a brand new 1962 Jeep pickup truck.  Living in San Francisco, it was totally unusual for kids to have access to a four wheeler let alone have a need for one especially since I was just starting in high school at the time and didn't have a license,   I did get to ride with my friend a lot and whenever we were off road, he let me behind the wheel.  It was so cool to be able to climb hills and ford rivers and streams.  I was hooked.   We found places to go that were off road and sometimes off limits which added to the thrill.  That truck was a beauty and it was that truck that put the 4x4 hex on me.   I have been stuck on 4wd's ever since. I have since had a number of 4wd's over the years having started with my first 1960 Willys wagon back in the 1970's.   It has been a downhill spiral ever since.  Wagoneers, pickups, military jeeps and even a Chevy Tahoe.   All because of that 'ol Jeep pickup casting that spell. 

Like a lot of kids in the post WWII era, wanting a WWII jeep wasn't unusual, I finally gravitated to WWII jeeps in the early part of 2001 when I discovered that I could enjoy the restoration as well as the search for the perfect WWII jeep or jeep part.   This search has taken me all over the world via the internet and travel and I find that instead of acquiring the perfect jeep, I have found perfect friends and comrades in this crazy hobby.  This has really been the best part of the hobby for me.   Meeting people who have been in the hobby since forever as well as those who are new to it as I once was.

I hope that you will browse my pages and maybe find some of the answers to your questions about a part or a jeep that you were seeking and can enjoy the world of WWII military jeeps as much as I do.   Remember..."Keep 'em rolling" was the motto back then and it is the same today.

Always Under Construction
Always Under Construction