GP Bolt Marking Survey
The original Govt. request for 4500 jeeps was made of three companies; Ford, Bantam and Willys.   The GP was Ford's design (based on Pygmy) and was built for that first contract.   Built to go off-road and running a modified Ford tractor motor, these first 1500 were the beginning of what was to become the first production jeeps to go into the field for use by our soldiers .   They were a product of the second step in the chain of events that led to the mass-produced MB-GPW that we knew as the WWII Jeep.  Ultimately, 4500 +/- GP’s were constructed.  Some were shipped off to such exotic places as the Dutch West Indies, Indo-China, Panama, North Africa and Burma.   

Although many remained in the US, most are presumed gone.  Either harsh environments or the lack of parts would  have taken its toll on the GP's so they are now very rare.  Occasionally another GP (or other prototype) is found after having stayed hidden in overgrown fields,farms,wharehouses,garages,barns or some old military vehicle collectors possesion.  

Keep an eye out, who knows, maybe you will find one of these wonderful 4x4 treasures. 

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Known GP's with Photos
Daves 1942 Willys
Daves 1942 Willys
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