Braden J2 Winch Parts
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Ratchet Gear
Spring loaded dogs
Assembling with new ratchet gear and pins (bottom view)
Ratchet gear
and bull gear (top view)
Complete assembly
and brass bull gear 
Bull gear with worm drive gear
Worm Gear WO-A-10302
Cracked and welded solid ratchet gears
Shattered ratchet next to a "Joe McGee" replacement hub
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Unit assembled
Pan gasket - avail.
Mounting Plate Spacers - GPW only
Bell Crank
inverted at tie rod ends
The ultimate toy
Frame Spacer Block
Misc parts
Ratchet Gear  when there is a failure this is probably it

My original winch came to me via family, lugged in a suitcase as checked baggage and hauled all the way from Oslo, Norway back in 2004.   Frank had what was left of a winch that was missing some parts and had been sitting in his storage space.  I never expected that.  Thanks Frank!   

Subsequently, I started pursuing the necessary parts for a complete winch and that is how it all started.   As shown below, the winch that I received was broken and needed a replacement ratchet gear in order to operate as original.   The gear, welded in place was no longer working.  That gears function is to allow the capstan head to rotate freely in the counter-clockwise direction.   When welded, this function is eliminated.  I was told by a machinist that this was a sprague clutch mechanism.

I now have completed my winch and have managed to be involved in the building of mounting plates, making replacement gears and fabricating the shifter handles that go with these rare and hard to acquire winches.   I have squirreled away some spares so...???  What to do...what to do!
Repaired ratchet gear
Repaired ratchet top view after welding top and bottom retainer ring
Repaired worm drive w/roll pin
Braden winch drum
Braden ratchet gear
Braden ratchet gear side view
Some of the photos above were taken of the rebuild of a Braden J2 winch owned by Gary Hurwitz 
Crankshaft  Drive Pulley 
Capstan Winch Mounting Plates