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Here are some examples 
of the various plates 
I have seen.   Some are 
brass some are zinc 
(or aluminum ?).   I believe the
correct plate to be zinc.  Correct
 me if I am wrong.
This is an example of the original NOS caution plate and the reproduction caution plate by Robert de Ruyter of Holland.  He can be reached at: http://dataplates4u.com
This plate is most likely a reproduction.   To date, I have 
not seen any "original" brass caution plates on Braden J2 winch installations.
This winch caution plate was received by a Dutch collector with his winch back in the 1980's (?date).   

Note how it is embossed.  It may be an early attempt at reproductions but then again, it might well be one of the earlier productions from the factory.
This is an original label on a WWII plate shipped from the Rossford Arsenal.
Various Braden J2 Winch Parts
Braden J2 Winch Installations 
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Felix Wustenfeld of Aschaffenburg, Germany - installed his winch on his 1942 (script) Willys jeep (note: blue tennis shoes are not necessarily required but surely make the installation more colorful).   

Please bear with me on this page as I am still collecting photos to share with people.   These winches are pretty uncommon and so it is diffucult to find images that are informational as well as historical.  Your photos are welcome and any installation tips will be noted here as well.
Felix filmed this near Airel, France (6/8/14) and the winch was used to rescue a JEEP that had drowned in a moat. As you can see, they do work.