Mom was a Wisconsin farm girl who always worked to improve things.   While she was still a teen,  she had to go to the big city to earn a living and ended up in Madison as a nanny for a couple of children.  She later went to work as a store clerk.   

She heard the call to duty in WWII and joined the Navy Waves and was in the first of girls from Madison to sign up.


She spent time in Hunter College, Oklahoma A & M and then her duty assignment in San Francisco as a Wave Yeoman working for BUDOCKS. BUDOCKS is Bureau of Yards and Docks.   Civil Engineers and SEABEES was BUDOCKS and so she always had an affinity for that group.   

Dragging me to her civialian job with the Navy Transportation Dept of 12 Naval Dist. in San Francisco in the fifties was how I became exposed to the rich traditions and various jobs the Navy had to offer.   By reading the ever present "All Hands" magazines, I learned about the SEABEES and wanted to do that too.  

Thanks mom...you were a great role model and a not bad recruiter in your own little way.
Mom in Carmel 1944 (?)
Naomi Emeline Aro - 1st Class Yeoman WWII